Huddersfield Bespoke Cloth
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Uppermills, Slaithwaite, Huddersfield
The bespoke suit is the marque of a true individual and a suit created entirely for you is the ultimate in opulence.

Cooper & Cooper of England take the bespoke suit to a new level of customisation, with English suiting fabrics designed and manufactured from scratch.

Cooper & Cooper offer a unique service in which we design and manufacture luxury fabric to make just one suit. No mass design or production. Just one piece, for one suit. An entirely Bespoke Suit Cloth designed and produced to be tailored into an entirely bespoke suit.

Reserved for those who only want the finest quality, safe in the knowledge that not only is the suit bespoke, but the fabric is the only one of its kind in the world. Select yarn types, colour combinations, design and weave patterns to create your own totally unique customised cloth.

With the Cooper & Cooper Graffiti line you can even specify your suits to have your name or a message, in fact anything you desire, in the pin stripe itself in various Stripe Colours. You can also see our standard cloth range where you can order by the meter at Huddersfield Bespoke Cloth.

Cooper & Cooper of England - Truly Bespoke Suits

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